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The OCTG Situation Report® is the leading authority for OCTG market intelligence and analysis, supply and demand on the North American upstream Oil Country Tubular Goods market.
The OCTG Situation Report is the leading authority on the North American upstream Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) market.

Since 1986, subscribers to our monthly Report have relied on our highly focused executive overview, exclusive OCTG surveys and resultant forecasts to better understand and analyze current and historical market trends.

The OCTG Situation Report® unlocks a world of timely and insightful market intelligence that is firmly rooted in our proprietary data, offering industry leaders a meaningful competitive advantage not found in any other trade reports. Subscribing to The OCTG Situation Report® is akin to having your own dedicated “in-house” OCTG market research team for the price of an annual subscription. 

Subscribers receive in-depth, critical analysis of current market events: information and metrics geared to help navigate the many moving parts of this multi-faceted space, facilitating calculated decisions that invariably affect your company's products, production and bottom line.

The OCTG Situation Report® is an indispensable resource for key managers at energy & production companies, service/supply firms, industry analysts and ancillary tubular services: anyone whose business depends on having access to an unprecedented level of guidance and proven OCTG industry insight.

The OCTG Situation Report® represents over 40 years of managerial experience with two major domestic OCTG mills plus accrued marketing consultation with worldwide companies. We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about how these valuable resources can work for you and your company. 

Hands down the best OCTG publication that is out there... The OCTG Situation Report has proven to be a great resource to gain insight into the US OCTG market, through its in-depth coverage of prices, supply & demand, and general market movements. It is highly regarded across the oil patch for a well-informed perspective on current market conditions.”

Nigel Bell
Global Supply Chain Advisor
Hess Corporation

Hess Corporation

Houston, Texas USA


As a Wall Street analyst, covering the tubular market effectively is impossible without The OCTG Situation Report. This report is the only reliable source of transparency in an otherwise opaque upstream OCTG market, which is a $15bn annual market in upcycles. Invaluable datapoints and commentary that can't be found anywhere else are the hallmarks of this industry standard publication."

Joseph Triepke 

Former sell-side and buy-side analyst, now founder at

Houston, Texas USA

As advocates for pipestock property tax payers, The OCTG Situation Report is an invaluable resource that provides our firm with the national KPI’s, trends, and regional market pricing critical to minimizing our clients property tax burdens, thus improving our clients margins. For a year, we ran concurrent subscriptions with a competing provider and hands down felt The OCTG Situation Report was superior. Two renewals later, I’m still convinced we made the correct choice.”
Gary A. Rivas, SPTC
Vice President
J. Joseph Consulting, Inc.

J. Joseph Consulting, Inc.

San Antonio, Texas USA

Over the years the OCTG Situation Report has proven to be a consistently reliable and timely tool in understanding the OCTG market.  It is more than just the data, but the analysis and opinions of what the data might be saying that were helpful as an aid in the decision making process.  The quarterly inventory surveys provided confirmation of modeling used to track supply direction trends.  News, pricing, rig counts, shipments, trade, and analysis every month in one report — one of the best subscription values.”

"During low tides in the industry, upper management starts looking everywhere to cut costs – and unfortunately — subscriptions and market intel are often the first to go. And while I’m sure there are certain subscriptions that can be trimmed, for the OCTG market, I’d strongly state that the OCTG Situation Report is essential to maintain. In fact, it is during these ebbs in the industry that reports like these are perhaps more valuable than ever to ensure your company is getting the best prices."

JP Brown

Former Category Manager/Global Supply Chain for Marathon + Category Lead for Pioneer Natural Resources & Chesapeake. Current: Director of Business Development B&L Pipeco

B&L Pipeco

Houston, Texas USA

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Since 1986, a host of oil & gas industry leaders worldwide continue to regard The OCTG Situation Report® as valuable market intelligence for themselves and their firms. We're confident you will too.

That’s why we encourage you to request a complimentary copy of The OCTG Situation Report® for your review. Just click on the Request link below and complete the form for your opportunity to review The OCTG Situation Report® today.

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