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The OCTG Situation Report® was conceived to fill a recognized “black hole” in the tubular market. At the time, in 1986, there was no formal data available to accurately gauge the most important OCTG metrics or measure mill performance. This void in the market together with the unfavorable market conditions and a tsunami of OCTG imports ultimately cost some mills their business.
It was at this time that Duane Murphy took up the gauntlet and set out to create an industry benchmark to report distributor spot pricing, field inventory data, shipment stats and market share analysis. Those that were alive back in the early 1980s remember that technology had not yet emerged from the “dark ages.” Back then Mr. Murphy was left to his own devices, developing a computer program that ran on the popular gaming console of the day: a Commodore 64.

Shortly thereafter the first OCTG pricing and inventory surveys were launched. Over time valuable management tools were added to The OCTG Situation Report’s arsenal such as “months of supply,” a metric which was first applied to the OCTG market by Mr. Murphy and which has now become one of the most watched indices in the industry. Since 1986 The OCTG Situation Report® has grown to become the leading market source for OCTG supply, OCTG demand and OCTG intel and analysis.  The rest, as they say, is history and we are now celebrating our third decade in business serving oil & gas companies, steel tubular companies, distributors, processors, component manufacturers, financial institutions and management consulting companies worldwide. We consider it an honor to serve this big “small world” known as the oil patch.

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